About us

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Altocap Flight School began in 2017 with a commitment to quality flight training and safety in an atmosphere of friendly comradeship. The directors and staff are all passionate about flying and their experience encompasses many years involvement with flying clubs and other aviation organisations.

Key Personnel

George Demetriou - Chief Executive Officer

George joined Altocap in early 2017. He is a Multi-Engine Flight Instructor and is also approved by CASA to conduct level 6 English language assessments for pilots and air traffic controllers. George also has previous experience from another flight training school which included overseeing the safety management system.

George Raby - Head of Operations

George was appointed as the H.O.O in January 2017. George leads by example and works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure students and members have access to the best facilities and training nation wide. His experience includes 3 years as safety manager, flight instructing and excellent management skills.

Steve Reh - Alternate Head of Operations

Was a past CFI for a large international Flying School : over 160 students: owned and operated several successful businesses : First started flying in 1973 : Flight Instructor Rating Specialist and Examiner : and Consultant : Passionate about teaching : Loves travel and going to the Movies.

Peter Feiss - Safety Manager

Daniel Wiechula- Grade 2 Instructor HAAMC

Our instructors

  • person George Raby Grade 1 Instructor and Flight Examiner

    Head of Operations

  • person Steve Reh Grade 1 Instructor and Flight Examiner

    Alternate Head of Operations

  • person Daniel Wiechula Grade 2 Instructor | HAAMC
  • person Peter Feiss Grade 1 Instructor ( IFR/MEA )
  • person Rakend Sundaran Grade 1 Instructor ( IFR Multi Engine )
  • person James Michael Grade 1 Instructor
  • person George Demetriou Grade 1 Instructor
  • person Brian Rodricks Grade 3 Instructor
  • person Joe Sinac Grade 3 Instructor