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Altocap Flight School offers flight tests with 3 in-house flight examiners with the following approvals:

Licensing and Ratings

  • arrow_right Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)
  • arrow_right Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • arrow_right Comercial Piot Licence (CPL)
  • arrow_right Night VFR Rating (NVFR)
  • arrow_right Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) SEA/MEA
  • arrow_right Instrument Rating (IFR) SEA/MEA
  • arrow_right Private Instrument Rating (PIFR)
  • arrow_right Type rating – multi engine aeroplane

Flight Instructor Endorsements

  • arrow_right FIR Design Feature
  • arrow_right FIR Grade 1 Endorsement
  • arrow_right FIR Grade 2 Endorsement
  • arrow_right FIR Grade 3 Endorsement
  • arrow_right FIR Instructor Rating training approvals
  • arrow_right FIR Instrument Rating training approvals
  • arrow_right FIR MEA Class Rating Training approvals
  • arrow_right FIR MEA Class Rating Instructor Training approvals
  • arrow_right FIR Night VFR Training approvals
  • arrow_right FIR SEA Class Rating Training approvals
  • arrow_right FIR Spinning training approvals